Below are the 5 nearest locations to Crewe, Cheshire.

  • Stockport

    Min. Age 12

    From £10.00 | 24 miles from Crewe, Cheshire

    With a whole host of puzzles, riddles, and more for you to solve, each of our awesome Escape Games guarantees a brain-busting challenge from beginning to end!
  • Manchester

    Min. Age 10

    From £22.00 | 28 miles from Crewe, Cheshire

    A truly challenging experience that you’ll remember for years to come – that’s exactly what’s in store when you take part in an Escape Room in Manchester!
  • Manchester

    Min. Age 10

    From £50.00 | 28 miles from Crewe, Cheshire

    Providing the ultimate team challenge from beginning to end, you and the rest of your group have only a limited amount of time to crack the codes and escape!
  • Rawtenstall

    Min. Age 10

    From £18.00 | 42 miles from Crewe, Cheshire

    If you’re looking for a true challenge that’s equally as fun and exciting, you most definitely won’t feel out of place at our Rawtenstall Escape Room venue!
  • Lount

    Min. Age 12

    From £44.99 | 48 miles from Crewe, Cheshire

    Fancy yourself a problem-solving master? Well, you’ll have to keep your cool and show your strategic nous as you rescue your captured friend in ‘Prison Break’.
  • Find the Clues
  • Solve the Mysteries
  • Unravel the Riddles
  • Crack the Codes
  • Escape the Room!