Escape This

How Do I Book an Event With Escape This?
Booking an event with us really couldn't be simpler. Just browse our website and find the right venue for you and then it's just a question of booking your event using our secure Online Booking System. Alternatively, you can call an Escape This Sales Consultant who will be more than happy to assist you with your booking. Click here to go to our contact page.
What is an Escape Game?
During an Escape Room scenario you'll be tasked with uncovering secrets that are the key to your escape. Working in a team, you'll be presented with a series of puzzles that you must solve in order to claim your freedom. Or, you might just have to unleash your inner detective to discover the clues that will lead to your escape! If you're a fan of classic TV game shows such as The Crystal Maze, or Fort Boyard, you'll know exactly what you're in for!
Who Can Take Part?
Some of our Escape Room venues are suitable for those aged as young as eight. This, however depends on the particular venue. Each Escape Game is suitable for all ability levels, so there's no need to have taken part before. Minimum ages and other restrictions will vary, so please check the restrictions that are displayed clearly on each Escape Room page.
Do I Need To Bring Anything?
No, there's no need to bring anything. Each of our Escape Game venues supplies everything you need to take part.
What is the Recommended Group Size?
Most of our Escape Room venues require a minimum group size of two people. For a truly immersive experience, we recommend between 3-8 people, although some of our venues can accommodate for groups of up to fifty people at a time.
Can I Choose A Specific Escape Room?
Of course, many of our venues have more than one Escape Room scenario for you to choose from, each offering a unique and exhilarating experience. Choose from the likes of crime scene scenarios, preventing a nuclear disaster, and so much more!
Is It Safe?
Yes, each of our Escape Rooms are designed to be offer you a brain-busting experience in a completely safe environment, and rest assured, you can leave the room at any stage if you feel the need to.
Is Food And Drink Provided?
Some of our Escape Room venues have facilities available for you to purchase drinks, snacks, and hot/cold food. However, this will depend on the particular site. A full list of facilities for each venue are listed on each Escape Room page.
Can I Take Pictures?
Unfortunately not. Each of our venue prohibits the use of photographic devices that can be used to take photos or film footage.
How Long Does It Take?
Each of our Escape Room experiences last for approximately 60 minutes, giving you plenty of time to complete the task at hand. However, some our our Escape Game venues have packages that last between 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • Find the Clues
  • Solve the Mysteries
  • Unravel the Riddles
  • Crack the Codes
  • Escape the Room!