Escape Rooms in Hatfield

Mill Green is a sleepy village where nothing much ever happens… that is, until a murder is discovered! The local constabulary are baffled—there’s only one thing to be done. They call on Clue Company, the world’s greatest detective agency, to see if its super-sleuths can crack the case. Are you and your fellow investigators up to the challenge?

Up to four teams at a time will be briefed together before setting off with a map of the Watermill and grounds, telling you which locations to explore. Puzzles to interact with are sectioned off from the rest of the gardens, so you will easily know what is part of the experience. Teams choose which locations they would like to visit at any given time, so you will cross other teams, but can choose different locations to avoid each other.

Once you have collected all the clues you need, it will be time to deliberate and make your final deductions. Bring your conclusion to the detective and they will let you know if you got it right!