Below are the 5 nearest locations to Gloucestershire.

  • Bristol

    Min. Age 14

    From £28.50 | 31 miles from Gloucestershire

    This incredibly unique venue is home to some of the most immersive and authentic escape games in the country. But do you have what it takes to secure your freedom and escape within 60 minutes?
  • Newbury, Berkshire

    Min. Age 10

    From £28.50 | 48 miles from Gloucestershire

    With one of the UK's trickiest escape rooms to take on, this unique venue in Newbury is guaranteed to put your logic and lateral thinking to the ultimate test! Working in teams of 3-6 people you'll have 60 minutes to solve challenging puzzles and find the clues that will lead you to victory. But with time running out will you crack the code and be able to solve the mystery before it’s too late?
  • Cardiff

    Min. Age 10

    From £22.00 | 49 miles from Gloucestershire

    A truly exhilarating yet challenging experience is exactly what you can expect at our awesome Cardiff site. Head on down now if you think you can handle it!
  • Salisbury

    Min. Age 12

    From £23.50 | 54 miles from Gloucestershire

  • Leicester

    Min. Age 10

    From £22.00 | 72 miles from Gloucestershire

    Find clues, solve logic puzzles, break the codes and find the key to your freedom. Using your powers of observation and problem solving you and your team will have work together to escape.
  • Find the Clues
  • Solve the Mysteries
  • Unravel the Riddles
  • Crack the Codes
  • Escape the Room!